Call for application for access to large sandboxes - 15 processing cores and 120 GB of memory

Call for application for access to large sandboxes - 15 processing cores and 120 GB of memory


Dear sandbox users,


The key goal of DE Africa is to improve the lives of people in Africa through the benefits and impacts of information created by DE Africa. This goal calls for increasingly sophisticated users and uptake of DE Africa capabilities, and strong support for users progressing from experimental and learning points of view to production mindsets.


To maximise the impactful use of the Sandbox, DE Africa would like to encourage and support the development of large scale applications and demonstrations for potential operational users.


We would like to offer selected users access to large sandboxes, with up to 15 processing cores and 120 GB of memory (max default is 4 cores and 32 GB of memory). The existing sandbox Terms and Conditions apply.


Application is now open through this multi-page form.


The offer will be available to any DE Africa user who has completed the “Intro to Sandbox training” and has a use case that requires extra computing power in a Sandbox. DE Africa will evaluate applications based on the following criteria:

  • method and approach is technically feasible and scientifically valid;
  • demonstrated ability to achieve desired outcomes within the access period; - connection of the use case to decision making, and;
  • supports DE Africa’s diversity and inclusion principles

Users will access the DE Africa Help Desk for support.


This initial offer will be for 3 months from April 2022, with a possiblity of extension through another application process. By the end of the 3-month, the power user is expected to complete a user experience survey and provide a brief report that can be turned into a blog published on the Digital Earth Africa website.


Apply now and let’s create some impact together!

Digital Earth Africa Support Team